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Business Divisions

Apparel Fabrics

The Apparel Fabrics Group is the largest of all the Mount Vernon Mills groups, accounting for over half of all company sales. Two primary product groups are involved - denim and piece-dyed fabrics.

Apparel Fabrics operates one of the largest denim manufacturing facilities in the world in Trion, Georgia. This mill produces a wide variety of denim including washed, over-dyed, and stretch fabrics. Other products within the group include twills, drills, duck, and plain weave fabrics. These are piece-dyed for career apparel, work clothing and sportswear -- most of which is considered "bottom weight" for pants, slacks, and trousers. The group is also an important supplier of flame resistant fabrics and military uniform fabrics.

The Apparel Fabrics Group consists of a fully integrated denim mill, plus a piece dyeing and finishing plant located in Trion, GA and yarn and fabric production facilities in Alto, GA.

For more information on our flame resistant products, visit our Mount Vernon Flame Resistant Fabrics site.


Mount Vernon Chemicals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc., is home for all the chemical operations of Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon Chemicals has three principal divisions - Apollo, PhilChem and FCI Technology.

A key area is wet chemistry, and includes the business purchased from CPC Chemical Holdings in 2007. Production facilities are located in Burlington, North Carolina, and Opelika, Alabama, operating under the Apollo Chemicals banner. Products include a variety of chemical auxiliaries for textile dyeing and finishing (such as lubricants and softeners), as well as chemicals for personal care and other non-textile uses.  Apollo ® products are sold around the world, especially in Latin America.  For more information, see our website at

PhilChem is a leading supplier of textile sizing and other dry chemical products (such as adhesives) to customers throughout the world. PhilChem's manufacturing operations are located in Greer, South Carolina. For more information, see our website at

The third key area is FCI Technology, a major supplier of a diverse range of chemicals across many industries and markets. FCI has unique capabilities, able to match customers with special needs with suppliers they might not otherwise find. FCI's offices are located in Gastonia, North Carolina, and it operates warehouse facilities in Ware Shoals, South Carolina. For more information, see our website at

Mount Vernon Corporate

Providing support for the varied operations of Mount Vernon's textile, chemical and transportation businesses is no small undertaking. Mount Vernon Corporate, located in Mauldin, South Carolina, oversees the massive amount of information and data that flows into this multifaceted corporation each day. The company employs 2,700 people at facilities in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Mississippi. It is composed of six groups: Apparel Fabrics (AFG), Consumer Products (CPD), Chemicals, Brentex, La France Industries, and Transportation. Each group represents various product diversities. And just as the fiber is opened, cleaned and aligned in textile manufacturing, Mount Vernon Corporate plans, implements, and directs all group operations within the family.

It's accomplished through a 'Centralized Policies/Decentralized Management' approach. Corporate monitors such aspects as company systems, marketing/strategic planning, customer sales and service, regulatory issues, finances and accounting, environmental controls, and human resource policies. Each individual operation oversees its own product functions, day to day running of the mills, and achieving their corporate goals.

by Dr. Radut