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Mount Vernon Corporate

Providing support for the varied operations of Mount Vernon's textile, chemical and transportation businesses is no small undertaking. Mount Vernon Corporate, located in Mauldin, South Carolina, oversees the massive amount of information and data that flows into this multifaceted corporation each day. The company employs 2,700 people at facilities in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Mississippi. It is composed of six groups: Apparel Fabrics (AFG), Consumer Products (CPD), Chemicals, Brentex, La France Industries, and Transportation. Each group represents various product diversities. And just as the fiber is opened, cleaned and aligned in textile manufacturing, Mount Vernon Corporate plans, implements, and directs all group operations within the family.

It's accomplished through a 'Centralized Policies/Decentralized Management' approach. Corporate monitors such aspects as company systems, marketing/strategic planning, customer sales and service, regulatory issues, finances and accounting, environmental controls, and human resource policies. Each individual operation oversees its own product functions, day to day running of the mills, and achieving their corporate goals.

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