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Our Mission

Our Mission.

Satisfying our customers. We will be the supplier of choice by our customers; the employer of choice by our co-workers and our communities; and the investment of choice by our owners.

Our Foundation.

Traditional values of fairness and integrity. We will be a model of integrity and excellence for business and industry. Team work is our way of life.

Our Commitment.

To our customers, the 2.700 members of our family and the 15 communities where our plants are located. We will pursue excellence in all we do. Our traditions of citizenship and service will demonstrate our care for the people and environment around us.

Our Vision.

Ongoing capital investment in world-class capabilities for today's and tomorrow's success. We must be financially successful to prosper as co-workers and as a corporation.

We believe in balanced growth and strongly urge our customers and suppliers to form market partnership programs. We want to be viewed as fair, tough, and somewhat unpredictable by our competitors. We take pride in our profitmaking performance and return on assets employed.

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